My best 24h

19 novembre 2019
My best 24h

In February 2019, Kilian Jornet spend 24h in top of his skis doing what he loves the most: skiing. He also established a new Fastest Known Time by gaining 23.486m of elevation in 24h. The record, though, wasn't Kilian's main motivation, as he explained: "I wanted to see how many meters I could do in 24h, but only because I love to ski, and it was great to being able to do what I love the most for a whole day". With this idea in mind, Kilian and Suunto wanted to know what would their online audience do for 24h straight.

This is how the "My best 24h" campaign started, which gathered dozens of testimonies to create a video that wants to show one idea: spending time doing what we love is the most important thing. Answers were very wide: some people wanted to run, or ski, or complete a spectacular sports project. But other people wanted to help other people or spend quality time with their beloved ones. In all cases though, there was a general idea: having time to do what we want is important. 

The main character of the video was American Robert Burton, who had a very inspiring reason to spend 24h doing something: make his friend Chico run again. Chico has been blind for a few years and with the support of Robert, he ran again for the first time in front of the Suunto cameras. 

The video has been shared in Suunto and Kilian's social media and wants to showcase that spending time doing what we love is important, that we need to take action and do it, to make the most out of our time. 

If you want to see the full story, you can see the video here:



25 October 2019

Golden Trail World Series finale in Nepal