Sierre zinal!

14 agost 2011
The Catalan athlete has finished the Sierre-Zinal in in third place with a time of 2:34:15h, behind Marco de Gasperi (2:30:18h) and Cesar Costa (2:31:20h).

??I??m happy because I have managed to improve my personal best?? comments Jornet who reduced his personal best time in Sierre-Zinal by 1 minute.

??As of tomorrow, training starts with the UTMB in mind,?? highlights Kilian.

Puigcerdà 14th August2011

The Catalan athlete from Cerdanya, Kilian Jornet, finished in third position this morning in Sierre Zinal behind Marco de Gasperi and Cesar Costa. From the very start, Cesar Costa set an extremely fast pace on the upward slopes which only Italian Marco de Gasperi, who finally won the race with a time of 2:30:18 h, could keep up with.

??From the start, Cesar Costa set an extremely fast pace and, together with Marco de Gasperi, opened the lead and I could not keep up with them after kilometer 4. My legs felt heavy on the upward slopes and the pace of the leaders was very fast?? comments Jornet, who opted for securing third position in the race. ??From kilometer 4, I ran alone so I managed to maintain third place?? says Kilian, who crossed the finishing line in Zinal with a time of 2:34:15h.

The Catalan athlete feels ??pleased and happy with the race, as I managed to reduce my personal best in this race by one minute. To tell the truth, the level was very high this year, with the participation of some American athletes??.

The race, one of the Sky Runner World Series, is 31 Km long, mainly along forest tracks and narrow and rocky paths, and over half the race length is above 2.000m. Runners set off from the town of Sierre at 500m and end up in Zinal at 1.680m.


After his participation in Sierre-Zinal, Kilian will start his training for the UTMB. ??As of tomorrow, I will do longer training sessions taking into account the UTMB.??


1. MARCO DE GASPERI. 2:30:18h
2. CESAR COSTA. 2:31:20h
3. KILIAN JORNET. 2:34:15h


Shorts: Salomon S-Lab
Trainers: Salomon S-lab (prototype 2012)
Sunglasses: Salomon eyewear
Watch: Suunto T6d
Nutrition: Overstim??s Geles Salés and Sodium Tablets

12 August 2011

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