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Kilian Jornet Burgada

Sóc un amant de la muntanya. M'agrada passar-hi el temps ja sigui realitzant activitats esportives o desenvolupant projectes per conservar l'entorn.

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Path To Everest

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NNormal: nova aventura

23 març 2022

NNormal: nova aventura

Kilian Jornet y Camper obren nous camins amb NNormal.

Comença una nova aventura, t'apuntes?

21 març 2022

Comença una nova aventura, t'apuntes?

Descobreix en exclusiva el meu nou projecte. Registra't i el proper 23 de març t'explicaré tots els detalls. 

Petjada de carboni 2021

30 desembre 2021

Petjada de carboni 2021

This year with the IPCC report we could only confirm what we already knew: it's important to take action to fight climate change from now. We all can do individual choices, from our diet to the movility, here some tips on what we can do as individuals. But also can have a impact in systemic change with voting for greener politics, with placing our money where they don't invest in fossil fuels, etc. First thing to do is to calculate my individual footprint to understand where I can make improvements to reduce it.

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